Aerialscope II

Premier Aerial Platform of the Industry

Aerialscope II

Attacker HD chassis depicted on this Aerialscope II

Years of experience coupled with innovative design make the Aerialscope II the safest, toughest, and most efficient choice on the market. The Aerialscope II is rugged, safe and easy to use. It is a tough, dependable and highly maneuverable machine.

  • Both Marauder II and Attacker HD are available chassis choices
  • Overall height is less than 132" on 75' or 95' tower platform
  • Turning radius is 40'5" for both 75' and 95' tower platform
  • Boom extends 9 degrees below grade to75 degrees above grade
  • The platform can rest on the ground 37’ from the truck
  • Lift capacity of the platform is 1000 lbs.
  • 5000 lbs. with boom retracted
  • 2000 GPM waterway

Premier Aerial Platform of the Industry

  • 75' or 95' Tower Platforms
  • Superior greaseless boom design
  • 1000 lb. Tip Load While Flowing 1000 GPM, unrestricted
  • Seagrave Custom Chassis with Stainless Steel Cab
  • Stainless Steel Body with Torque-Tube Mounting

Torque Box Design

  • Carries turntable load to outriggers
  • Transmits load of boom support cradle to frame rails
  • Stiffens frame rails for best ride
  • Provides enclosed storage for ladders with vertical orientation

Hydraulic Pump

  • PTO Driven with hotshift control
  • Large capacity, load-sensing design allows all aerial functions to operate simultaneously at normal speed
  • Smooth operation at just 1400 RPM
  • Hydraulic generator pumps mount to the back of the aerial pump, up to 30 kw

Rescue Confidence

  • Two rotation drives reduce backlash and increase smoothness of rotation system
  • Rotation system allows for precise placement of the platform


  • Same size for both 75' and 95' towers
  • Street-side access
  • Full-service access pedestal control station

Turntable Console

  • Driver’s side of turntable, facing the platform
  • Convenient height and userfriendly layout
  • Hinged panels provide easy access for inspection and maintenance
  • Three individual control handles allow for single or multi-function operation

Stability — It’s in the Footprint

  • Four vertical stabilizers
  • Two radial outriggers (tormentors)
  • Vertical stabilizers have a “rods down” design
  • Lights assist in rapid spotting and deployment of tormentors
  • No grease required on tormentor pivot with polygon bushings and corrosion-protected, heat treated pivot pins

Jack Pad Storage

  • Front pads are stored in either a bumper compartment (22" only) or under the bumper
  • Rear pads are stored conveniently in under-body brackets, where used
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